Homemade Honey Nut Greek Yogurt Cups Recipe

Saturday, June 17, 2017
Honey Nut Greek Yogurt Cups PT15M
These low fat, low cost, honey-nut, Greek Yogurt cups are a great, high protein snack. These are made with homemade yogurt.

I go through a lot of Greek yogurt every week and it's not cheap to buy as much as I eat so I wind up making my own which brings the cost of these cups down to $0.50 each. If you buy plain, non-fat Greek Yogurt instead the price almost doubles. For me that amounts to a savings of almost $300 a year for all my yogurt needs. I'll included a quick guide to making your own Greek yogurt at the end of this recipe. It's really not that hard and you probably have all the tools you'll need to make it yourself.

Now on to the Greek yogurt snack cups.

Overnight Protein and Berry Oat Recipe Meal Prep

Overnight Protein and Berry Oats PT15M PT8H
A protein packed, low-fat, fiber-rich and flavorful overnight oats recipe that helps me start off the day on the right foot. This is a complete breakfast for me.

There is a little bit of costs to get you started if you don't have food storage containers to prep in advance but overall it costs me about $2.21 per serving. The initial cost seems high because some of the ingredients are expensive but they will make more than one 8 serving batch. A 42 oz container of oats and bag of flax seed will make almost 4 batches . A 6oz bag of nuts will make 3 batches. The protein powder if only used for the oats will make over 5 batches. Every time you make a batch though you'll want to get milk, frozen berries and Greek yogurt.

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