Bike and Kayak in NYC from Fort Lee

Sunday, July 26, 2015
Did you know you can go Kayaking in Manhattan? I didn't up until a few years ago when a friend told me about it. Best of all you can do it for free! It's a great way to get some upper and lower body exercise and enjoy the city in a way you probably haven't done before.

There are three different free kayaking locations you can from depending on how far you'd like to ride.

The ride starts in Fort Lee where you'll head across into Manhattan via the George Washington Bridge, follow the Manhattan Greenway along the Hudson River until you arrive at one of the three paddling destinations.

Cheap Comfortable Bike Saddles and Reviews

One of the big problems I had when I first started getting into cycling again a few years ago is that I couldn't ride for more than about 25 minutes. My legs weren't too tired to ride, my butt just couldn't handle being on the bike anymore and it was too uncomfortable to ride again the next day. After getting a more comfortable saddle and a good pair of bike shorts I was able to ride all day long! I've tried a few different affordable saddles under $50 and wanted to share my opinions and some tips.

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