Clinton Point Hike - Palisades Interstate Park NJ

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Sunday, June 9, 2019
For a few years now my uncle has been telling me about this impressive waterfall he saw one time while walking along Shore Trail somewhere between Englewood Cliffs and Alpine. That's a section of the park I haven't explored very much of but I finally had the opportunity to look for the falls while doing the Clinton Point Hike.

I'm in the park frequently but normally on shorter hikes that are closer to home. When I went to do Carpenter's Loop II a few days ago, Ross Dock was closed and there was a sign from Englewood Cliffs indicating the trail was closed. I looked at the map and realized I didn't have time to do the northern hike and I'd probably want at least a snack for that duration. It's about twice as long as Carpenter's II. I was able to get through Carpenter's but the next day I decided to finally tackle Clinton Point.

It was an incredible hike and Greenbrook Falls were pretty impressive.

Clinton Point Hike Description

Length: About 8.5 miles
Difficulty: Moderate
Duration: Under 4 hours including lunch
Type: Loop
Highlights: Hudson River views, cliff views, waterfalls, hill climb, ruins, abandoned structures.

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