India Brook Park Buttermilk Falls Hike

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Friday, July 27, 2018
India Brook Park in Mendham, NJ contains a number of hiking trails that loop around the park allowing you to decide if you want to take a short or longer hike.

The main feature of the park is Buttermilk Falls, small waterfall along the India Brook. It empties into a small pool area that I saw described as as swimming hole. It didn't look deep enough to actually swim in but it did look like you could maybe sit in it and cool off.

The trails are fairly easy. Not many hills or difficult passes. The views of the brook and the falls are beautiful and the trails in general are well maintained. It can get a bit muddy after rains. I found the trail system confusing and not well marked. Two trails both had yellow blazes and I did get off my intended path and have to find my way back on it at one point.

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