Camping in a BMW X3 SUV

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Friday, November 16, 2018

Why Camp in an X3

The majority of my hiking is done at a local park. It has great views and some challenging parts and has a fairly extensive trail system and I can walk to it but it's nice to explore other trails in the New Jersey which is one of the reasons I like to go camping.

My normal car camping set up is pretty involved. I have a pop up canopy, large tent that can comfortably fit a queen sized air mattress with plenty of room to move around, hammock and extensive cooking gear plus other odds and ends. In addition I bring a lot of food for a 2 or 3 night trip. That all takes a lot of time to get out of storage, setup, pack up, clean out then store. I usually don't have all my gear back in storage for up to 3 days after a trip as I slowly take care of it here and there.

If I'm in the mood to change up my hiking trails or just need a break to be closer to nature, do a quick overnight trip to hit some new trails early in the morning, I wanted a quicker way to camp. If I'm camping by myself just for a night or two then I can significantly reduce what I bring.

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