How To Reset Circadian Rhythm Naturally

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Monday, March 29, 2021

Most of my life I have had sleep issues including insomnia, abnormal circadian rhythm and even sleep apnea. Nothing I did seemed to help, even having surgery. While I'm going to recommend some products that helped, the biggest change was to my diet. Relax, it's not some hipster superfood either, it's advice I got from scientific research and eating things you probably already have at home.

Two things I've been able to accomplish with my health and wellbeing is being able to lose weight and being able to reset my circadian rhythm. I've wound up talking to people about it a few times so I thought I'd share it online in case it helps anyone else. I'm not a medical professional, this is just what worked for me.

A couple of years ago I met an amazing woman who would wake up very early. I was never much of a morning person. Every morning I would get texts from her at 5am, 4am sometimes even as early 3am.  While things were early in the relationship I didn't want to blow it by waiting too long to respond so I tried to do research on sleep problems. This wasn't the first time but I stumbled upon a paper that must of had the right info. I'm still waking up early, we're still together nearly 2 years later.

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