A Smokers Road to 5k - Week 8

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014
Week 6.1 update for my plan to run more and smoke less using the Couch to 5k running program.

The insanely cold weather and the snow we've been getting in the NYC area had me busy dealing with shoveling and looking for any areas of heat loss I might have missed in the fall winterization checkup. It's been almost 2 weeks since I last had time to run.

Legs sure didn't feel like it was 2 weeks though. Woke up pretty sore from all the things I've been doing.

Day 0

After week 7 didn't go as well as expected I wasn't sure what to do this morning. Since it had been so long since I just decided to ease myself back into it. I did the  5 minute warm up walk and then for 25 jog but take short breaks if I needed to. For the 5 minute cool down walk I decided to sprint the last 2 minutes. Not much of a cool down but was feeling bored.

I did 2.2 miles in 35 minutes including the warm-up/cool down and  spent 11min 30sec in zone 3. I kept my heart rate below previous peaks except during the last 2 minutes of sprinting.

 Whether I do the next scheduled run at week 6 day 1 again or another warm up run is up in the air.

Days ???

Instead of starting over with week 6's program I've been adapting the program myself. I've done a couple of runs that consist of three 10 minute running intervals surrounded by 5 minutes of walking. 45 minutes total and I'm covering about 2.8-3.0 miles

It's more running than I would have done if I stepped back to the week 6 schedule and I'm burning more calories which is important since I've been busy with the snow and bad weather. I might stick with this and just reduce the length of walking intervals between the running.

I tried to go out for a road run yesterday in my heated winter running jacket but the roads were icy and I was slipping and sliding all over the place. The treadmill is getting a bit boring.

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