Carpenter's 8 Hike in Palisades Interstate Park

Tuesday, August 9, 2011
Getting back in shape all started with walking for me and it's something I still do. During the summer it's mostly hiking and one hike I try to get in once a week is what I call Carpenter's 8 at Palisades Interstate Park in Fort Lee, NJ. It's a combination of Carpenter's Loops I & II where I go up Carpenter's Trail twice creating a sort of figure eight.

The hike is easy for me to get to and it combines a wide variety of scenery as the trail goes along the banks of the Hudson River and along the wooded area on top of the cliffs.
In total, the hike is about 8 miles and takes me roughly 2.5 hours to complete. Most of the trail is fairly flat along the Shore Trail and Long Path but Carpenter's Trail is a 0.2 mile long, 300' climb on old steep stone steps. This really gets my heart rate up as if I was jogging. It's a pretty tough climb but a good workout. Sometimes I'll jog for parts along Shore and the Long Path.

I remember reading that stair climbing is a great workout for your butt and since I spend a lot of time with my butt sitting in front of a computer, I decided to include Carpenter's Trail twice in my route.

In this post I'll describe the route and include some photos.

Orange and Green Tea Sports Drink Recipe

Wednesday, August 3, 2011
Sports drinks do more than quench your thirst, they help restore electrolytes such as sodium and potassium as well as provide carbohydrates to give you quick energy.

During the summer I like to do most of my cardio outdoors by hiking, biking and jogging. With the heat and humidity I sweat a lot and wind up drinking a lot of water. When it's really hot and I'm sweating a lot I tend to feel groggy afterwards. That's where sports drinks come in.

But buying sports drinks 4 or more times a week can add up so I decided to learn how to make my own and have come up with a recipe for an orange flavored sports drink with matcha green tea.

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