A Penny Saved Is 1.15 Pennies Earned

Tuesday, March 13, 2012
1 Penny equals 1.15 pennies
I got into what I consider an odd debate about saving money by making your own coffee at home vs buying coffee with TheShot concerning his/her blog post.

Based on their comments to me and others I don't expect to change their mind but I did want to share some of my thoughts regarding misconceptions people have concerning savings.  I've seen these issues come up in other places. Not just about saving money on coffee but saving money in general.

I'm not sure how the conversation took a turn but it's something that's always bugged me. We used to be a nation of people who valued saving money. Now we're a nation of spenders and borrowers. We can see how that's worked out.

So many people seem to be advocating continuing that trend and giving out what I consider to be misguided advice and just plain false information.

My goal isn't to try to get you to join the 83% of people who make their coffee at home, it's to make you think of some of your expenditures and think about making the more efficient use of your time and money in general.

Free Diet and Workout Programs

Thursday, March 8, 2012
Huston Texan's Training on Weight Equipment
Houston Texans Training
In this morning's news there was an article on how the US Military is getting involved in the obesity epidemic in America because they're having to turn away a lot of potential recruits that are too fat to serve.

This reminded me of two free nutrition and exercise informational guides that I found recently and wanted to share.

The first is  "The Warfighter Nutrition Guide" from the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences.

The other is the Houston Texans Strength and Conditioning Program Player's Manual which contains a lot of great information regarding nutrition, diet, supplements, strength and skill training which will be the primary focus of this post.

Update: I also recently came across the Navy Seal Fitness Guide with is worth a look.

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