Tillman Ravine Trail Hike

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Thursday, August 2, 2018
Tillman Ravine Trail is a nice, fairly easy 1.8 mile, mainly out and back trail in the Tillman Ravine Natural Area within Stokes State forest in Walpack Township, NJ.

You'll be hiking through a ravine carved by Tillman Brook. Along the way you'll see some small waterfalls and cross some small bridges. The trail splits early on between an upper and lower route. I took the lower but I should have taken the upper on the way out and the lower on the way back.

While there are a lot of great hikes in Stokes State Forest that are more challenging and longer, the Tillman Ravine Hike packs a lot into a small trip that's easy enough for most levels to complete.

There are a lot of great views of the brook from the lower route but on the way out you'll be facing the wrong direction so try to resist the temptation to stop and turn around to take a picture. You'll be coming back the same way. Take most of your pictures on the way back to keep up your pace and get a better workout. Pictures of the river flowing towards you will look nicer.

The Tillman Ravine Hike is fairly short and I was able to complete it in about an hour without trail running.

The route is fairly flat and easy. The only somewhat difficult spot was where I had to use my hands to get up (then down on the way back) through this cutout in the rock.

The trail is fairly easy to follow and well marked. Start off at the parking lot and follow the signs for the upper route.

These stairs lead down to the lower route which is the way I wound up going not thinking it through properly.

Both routes will reconnect. The trail will then split off towards the cemetery or the tea cup. Continue towards the tea cup. Eventually the trail will end at a road. This is where you turn around and head back. This time follow the lower route along Tillman's Brook.

Since the timeline of pictures don't match up with the route I think you should take... here are some of the other pictures from my Tillman Ravine Hike.

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