Sale on Timex Digital Heart Rate Monitor Watch

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011
I have such a hard time buying things without doing a lot of research. For months I've been meaning to buy a heart rate monitor for working out and bike riding but I couldn't settle on which one.

I didn't wan to spend a lot of money but I didn't want to get one that was useless. So many of the reviews for affordable heart rate monitor watches seem to be negative that I was very nervous about purchasing one.

The more expensive Polar Heart Rate Monitors seemed to be worth the money but I didn't want to spend that much.

The Omron HR-100C Heart Rate Monitor has over 700 good reviews and is only around $30 with free shipping and looked to be the watch I was going to get but this morning I saw a sale on the Timex T5J031 Unisex Digital Fitness Heart Rate Monitor Watch.

It lists for $100 but I saw it for $49 so I ordered it.

I liked the Timex because it has some extra features that the Omron didn't such as a calorimeter (calorie counter) and review. Most of the reviews also seemed to be favorable. Once I get it and put it through it's paces I'll add a full review but in case anyone reads this try and snag this great deal before it goes up again.

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