Does Shake Weight Work? Apparently It Does!

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Friday, October 22, 2010
Does the Shake Weight Dumbbell really work?

Like many of you I've seen the Shake Weight on TV and thought it looked a bit silly but the commercials and infomercials haven't gone away which made me wonder if it actually works.
After some digging it turns out the Shake Weight isn't a gimmick. The Shake Weight is a good exerciser.

From what I could figure out, it's not really good for building big muscles but it is good for upper body toning.

That makes sense. When you want to bulk up you use heavy weights and few reps but if you want to tone your muscles you use a smaller weight and do more reps. Well the 6 minute Shake Weight video exercise routine gives you a large amount of reps with relatively low weight. 5.3 lbs for men and 3.1 lbs for women.

A study was performed by Dr. Daniel Cipriani, a Professor at the department of Exercise Physiology at San Diego State University. The study compared the Shake Weight to exercising with dumbbells of similar weight as well as push-ups and sit ups using EMG-monitoring of muscle activity.

The Shake Weight required 300% more muscle activity than curls with dumbbells that weighed the same.

According to Dr. Cipriani, if you're already working out with weights you might not see much benefit but if you don't and want to tone up your flabby arms and upper body it's a pretty good workout.

Even if you do work out with weights I think it would be a good way to break up your routine from bulking up exercises to toning exercises to help get that ripped look. It's small size and quick exercise routine make it a good piece of equipment to keep under your desk for a couple of quick workouts throughout the day. It's also pretty cheap.

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